Fantasy Mistress – Who’s Yours?

Who would you like to have smacking your bottom?

We all have fantasies about celebrities, film stars and people on TV. At Tickleberry we like to be a bit different so we came up with the idea of a Fantasy Mistress. For your delight we’ve included a few of our own photos of male submission.

So, who would YOU like to be Dominated by? Does the idea of Nigella Lawson ordering you about the kitchen butter your muffin for you? Or would you prefer to be made to lick the bedroom clean by Alex Polizzi? (Oooh! Yes! Now do it with the hoover pipe!). Whoever your Fantasy Mistress is, let us know all your fantasy and don’t hold back.

Unless if it’s Anne Widdecombe!

Some things are just too kinky!

In the forum “HoveLock” says his fantasy Mistress is a suitably attired Fiona Bruce from the Antiques Roadshow, and another rather good suggestion is Alex Polizzi from The Hotel Inspector. Could you just imagine her in thigh-length boots and whip in hand!


  1. Jon

    Fantasy Mistress? It would have to be Halle Berry, whip in hand, as she appeared in Catwoman. Awful movie, but God what a look. I would feel purrrfect serving under her command.

  2. Saskia Zenn

    Hi Jon – Now she’s a good choice!

    Halle Berry

  3. Jon

    And what a Grrrrreat picture. Thank you Saskia for sharing that! Oh, to feel the sting of that tawse. Meee-oowwwww.

  4. dan

    Vala Mal Doran from Stargate SG-1:

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