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There has never been more interest in the world of BDSM and Fetish as there is today.

Even before E L James released her ground-breaking ‘Fifty Shades’ trilogy, public interest has been steadily rising, and now even Mills and Boon are getting in on the act! All of this interested has generated a swathe of new customers. First-time buyers into the world of Fetish and BDSM.

Tickleberry can place your business right in the middle of this!

We understand that new business comes from new customers and Tickleberry’s loyal audience is a combination of both newcomers and experienced players in the fetish world and on the BDSM scene. Our audience demographic is broad and worldwide; consisting of men and women with a age group ranging from early 20s to late 60s, living in the UK, the States, many European countries, Australia and New Zealand (to name a few).

advertising space, emails, newsletters, reviews

All guaranteed to get YOUR advertisement seen by the people who matter.

Both Mark and myself have many years of marketing and PR experience and so have a good appreciation of your advertising needs. Advertising is available throughout the site including Tickleberry’s main Specialist Sections (Chastity, Domination, Spanking and Pegging), the blog sidebar, the blog page top, the footer and of course in the forum too.

Whoever you are, whatever your business, the kind of customers you want will be coming to Tickleberry, and you can have your business advertised with us for as little as £50 per month.

Contact us now for our full PDF brochure listing the advertizing slots and prices available by emailing or completing the form opposite.


Saskia Zenn


Saskia Zenn

About the Author… Saskia Zenn has worked for the last fifteen years in Marketing and PR. Over the course of her career, Saskia has managed all forms of Public Relations and Marketing campaigns for several high-profile and international organisations, and it is this flair and creativity which she brings to the new Tickleberry website.

“Becoming a co-owner of Tickleberry is a fantastic opportunity for me to bring together my personal and professional passions to create a really meaningful resource website for the BDSM community.”