Chastity Devices and Hygiene

Everyday Hygiene and Personal Care When Wearing a Chastity Device Long Term:

One of the best tips to help keep you and your chastity device nice and clean and fresh is to shower daily with plenty of soapy water. This doesn’t mean you need to remove the device every day. Using a cleansing swab or cotton bud with a drop of antibacterial liquid soap to get inside your device helps hygiene and reduces the build up of unhealthy bacteria and unpleasant odours. Ensure you wash off all soap residue to help prevent irritation. After washing you can gently pat around your self with a soft towel and allow everything to dry before dressing (some men use a hair dryer on a very cool setting to aid drying). As a alternative to showering a Wash Bottle with a fine jet spray is absolutely perfect. You can get these from Amazon.

If you use a lubricant each day inside you tube, daily cleansing is an ideal opportunity to remove this. Some lubricants particularly those that are oil based such as Baby Oil can cause a build up of bacteria. Regularly washing off then reapplying with a Q Tip, cotton bud, or cleansing swab will help keep bacteria to a minimum.

Weekly Cleaning of Your Chastity Device:

In addition to your personal daily hygiene routine, you should remove your chastity device (under supervision of course!) on a weekly basis to give it a good clean. Start by washing it thoroughly using anti-bacterial soap, and allow it to dry. Then finish off with a spray or two of a high quality cleaner such as Eros Cleaner. This gives the finishing touch to your hygiene routine. Such cleaners have antimicrobial action to combat bacteria, viruses and fungus build up, and are a good disinfectant – but check the label of your sex toy cleaner to make sure it is up to this high standard of cleanliness.

Weekly Through Cleaning and Inspection:

Weekly removal of your chastity device for cleaning provides the ideal opportunity for you to tend to your own personal care. During these weekly sessions you should attentively inspect your cock and balls, if you notice any sores or irritation you will need to refrain from wearing your belt or device until healing has taken place. Sometimes using a cream such as E45 or Nivea can help keep your skin where the cock ring sits all nice and smooth.

Choice of Chastity Device:

Some devices are better designed for hygiene than others. Some allow for better cleaning of your body without removal of the device, others allow for plenty of natural air flow. All these are important considerations to bear in mind when buying your device.


Discussions and emails with our previous customers reveals that the decision whether or not to use lubrication varies, as does the choice of lubricant. It’s really a matter of personal preference and choice so we’ve listed below the pros and cons of each type of lubricant to help you decide:

Why Use a Lubricant:

Using a personal lubricant certainly helps with fitting many chastity devices, particularly those with tubes that encase the penis. Applying just a small amount to the head of your penis and inside the cage can be really helpful to most men.

Using a good quality lubricant or skin care product such as E45 or Nivea where the cock ring sits on your body can really help to improve day to day wear and comfort. It also gives you enough slip and slide qualities to be able to rotate your cage by a few degrees for general adjustment and improve comfort.

Types of Lubricant:

* As a general rule use a lubricant that’s medically approved. There are a few brands offering this.

* Mineral or Oil based lubricants such as Crisco or Baby Oil provide lots of slip and slide but may not be the best for use inside a cage or tube that’s closed, or partially enclosed, because it tends to sit on the skin longer and hold urine resulting in bacteria building up and odours developing. However lots of men find this type of lubricant ideal for use around the cock ring.

* A Water-Based Lubricant is easy to wash off. Some men only want the lubricant to help them with fitting the device, but don’t like the feel of it for every day wear. In such cases they use a water based lubricant and once they’re inside their chastity device they immediately wash it out in the shower, or with the water jets from a wash bottle, then dry themselves using the hair dryer (on a cool setting!). A water based liquid lubricant may not be best for use on your skin around the cock ring, simply because it does not last as long as mineral or silicone based lubes. However, E45, which is a water based cream, may be perfect for this.

* A Silicone-Based Lubricant provides a nice amount of slip and slide and tends to dry out less quickly so the slippery feeling lasts longer. Some men like the feeling of lubrication during the day, and will use a little silicone lube inside the cage. They usually carry Cleansing Swabs, Q-Tips or Cotton Buds in their pocket to apply the lube inside the cage during the day. A silicone lube is better than a water based one for the area around the cock ring.

As mentioned before what suits one person may not suit another so experiment with different lubricants and find out what works best for you.

Stocking Method instead of Lubricant

Some men do not like to use any lubricant but require a little help to get into the cage. If this is a problem for you, the Stocking Method might be the answer.

General Skin Care Tips:

Some men like to use a gentle body lotion behind the ball sack and on the skin where the ring is in constant touch. There is a wide choice of skin care products available including E45 Cream, Nivea and many more suitable creams and lotions. If you use the CB-3000 or Curve and find that your scrotum is irritated by the ring’s metal hinge have a look in your local chemist or pharmacy for a “Toe” plaster, you can slide this on to the ring and over the hinge. Alternatively another solution is to consider purchasing a solid ring (as used with the CB-2000 and fits the CB-3000 and Curve perfectly), without the hinge if possible. The solid rings are more difficult to put on, but considered by some to be more comfortable. Again this is a matter of personal choice.

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