The Importance of Your Commands

Your voice is as important as your implements of correction

I have seen the strongest of men crumble so willingly at the command of a seductive lover. The power of sensually intoned words, even when whispered, can tease the imagination, excite the mind and strengthen desire through anticipation.

As a Master or Mistress your voice is as important as your implements of correction. The words you command with can be as powerful as the whip you wield, or the restraints you employ.

The skill of a good disciplinarian lies within the voice, words are wonderful aphrodisiacs, and can arouse you submissive’s mind sending delightful sensual shivers throughout their entire being.

Your spoken commands, which must be obeyed, are the opening act with the Theatre of Dominance and Submission, your chosen strict instructions set the scene and continue to enhance the whole play.

“I command you with my slightest touch, I control you with the mere warmth of my breath upon your skin, and you will please me by obeying my instructions.”

Words are delicious aphrodisiacs

Black Collar With Inlaid Red Hearts

Sensual Padded Blindfold

Have You Read And Understood The House Rules?

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