Fall Out: How To Prevent It

Fall Out: Falling out of a Chastity Device

The terms Fall Out, Pull Out, Slip Out and Slip Off all describes what happens when your flaccid penis falls out of the your chastity device, between the tube or cage and the cock ring. This can happen to most men who are “grow-ers” rather than “show-ers”. The cause of this, often referred to as “Turtle Head Syndrome”, happens naturally and causes your penis to protect itself from situations such as cold weather by shrinking and retracting.

The Principle to Overcome Pull Out in theory is simple:

Ensure that you’ve the smallest possible gap between the cage and ring of your device.

To help reduce Pull Out chastity devices that are a little curved in shape keep the penis in a downwards position tend to be good.

Devices with cages or tubes offering a nice snug diameter for the shaft of your penis are helpful too.

The fit of the ring is all important too. The ring must be a good fit, not too large. A ring that’s much too big for you is certainly going cause the whole device to slip off your testicles and penis.

In Practice the Goal is a little difficult to attain:

Not all chastity devices offer adjustment for individual fitting between the cage and ring, where your balls hang. You should pay attention to this design element when buying a chastity device.

Devices made of metal tend to be made with a gap of about 6 to 8 mm, which seems accurate for most men.

As mentioned above, the right size ring is key to a good secure fitting, helping to prevent “Slip Off”, and reduce “Pull Out”. Higher value devices are usually purchased with just one ring, to keep your costs down, so it’s vital that you measure yourself correctly for your ring. As mentioned above if it’s too large the whole device can slip off. However, also be aware of the health implications if your ring is too tight: you mustn’t constrict blood flow.

If you have a CB-3000, Curve, CB-6000 or CB-6000s:

Lower production costs of these polycarbonate devices means that they can be packaged with a variety of rings and spacers, which is great for finding your individual fitting. You need to find the best combination of spacer and ring for your body. Ideally you need the wear the largest ring you can (that won’t fall off) and the smallest spacer. Experiment with different combinations for several days. You may also discover the your ideal combination of ring/spacer is different in Summer and Winter!

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KSD-G3 Kept for Her

If you have a CB-6000 or a CB-6000s an add-on device such as the “KSD-G3” from UberKinky may help reduce or prevent the possibility of Pull Out. You can just see the KSD in the photo photo sitting inside the cage on top of the penis.

The Master Series Rikers device is one of the more secure designs. The profiled ring helps a lot of men avoid fallout.


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