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Spanking, Spritzing and Punishment Books

Within any scene of dominance and discipline it is vital you maintain the theatre of play in a loving and masterful way. You need to be considerate of the young lady in terms of her physical comfort and safety, emotional and spiritual needs and her desire to submit to you. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spice up a good spanking session!

Within the play your discipline is dependant upon your authority, which allows for no exceptions to your commands, but offers rewards for exceptionally good behaviour or punishment for disobedience, rebellion or insolence.

Sometimes her chastisement and the spanking session may need a few added enhancements, especially for misdemeanours involving disobedience of your commands. You might like to consider including some of the following suggestions within your repertoire.

Wiggle those Cheeks!

When setting the scene no matter how nicely she presents her bottom to you, advise her that her positioning does not please you. Encourage her to improve her posture, and assess each position she presents to you. Perhaps you would like her to touch her ankles, then maybe she would better offer you her unprotected bottom with her hand on her knees. Ask her to vary her posture just a couple of times whilst you admire the view of her wiggling cheeks!

Intensify Sensation – Spritz!

An effective method of intensifying her correction is to apply water to her bottom. A good Master or Mistress will keep a spray bottle to hand for the purpose of “spritzing” the nicely presented cheeks of the errant young lady during her deserved spanking. The water will tend to disperse quite quickly, so reapplication of nicely chilled water to her warm rosy cheeks will offer her a different sensation in which to delight.


Baby oil is an alternative at water, and requires you to massage it in to her expectant derriere. This will bring welcome sensations to the “warm up” of play, and oil has the added advantage over water of staying on her skin for longer, requiring less reapplication. However, oil will stain any surface it splashes upon, and may therefore not be ideal to use with sensual discipline implements such as those made of suede or leather, but would work nicely with traditional hand spanking – just don’t apply too much at a time.

Ice Cubes, Furs, Fingernails and Bristles

Other surprise techniques your may incorporate into your repertoire could include: slowly melting ice cubes upon the skin of a warm and blushing bottom; soft furs to apply gentle sensual caresses between spanking sessions; and fingernails or the bristles of a hairbrush drawn sensually across her skin. These will provide further sensations to her body, and the only limitation to the fun and sensuality of these games is your imagination.

Being Spanked on Tip Toe

If you have decided that your lady position herself over a table or desk, add a little excitement and difficulty by instructing her to remain upon tip toe for the duration of the next 12 strokes. Inform her that any disobedience of your command will result in an extra spank for each occasion her heel comes into contact with the carpet.


Vintage drawing of woman bound to frame and gagged awaiting a spanking

Punishment Book

Employ the use of a punishment record using the style of old school punishment books, to record her misdemeanours and the corrective therapy essential to remind her of her errant ways. When you notice an instance of behaviour unbecoming of a young lady, immediately advise her of her indiscretions, and promise to administer correction therapy at a later time. Jot her crime down in the punishment book and let her see it. Perhaps include the punishment it deserves. This will leave her mind wondering when will it be time to play again, and in so doing you will create anticipation, desire and longing within her which will last until you are ready to administer her discipline in perhaps several hours or a day’s time.


Asking a particularly vocal young lady, or particularly on who is prone to answering you back, to collect and wear a gag will certainly be an enhancement to a good spanking! Perhaps you should even insist she look at the different designs and styles of gag available and that she buy it herself, having it ready for the next time she assumes the position.

Spankingly Sensual Hardwood Rulers


Copyright Information:
Drawing : Artist Unknown
Photograph: From Viva’s Pinups: Bullet Bras and Backseat Betties by Viva Van Story

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