Styles and Designs

Male and Female Chastity Belts

Chastity Belts are designed with two primary intentions:

Whether it’s a male or female chastity belt or device they’re all designed with two purposes to restrict access to, and reduce arousal of, the genitals and to prevent intercourse.

A chastity belt, cage or tube which is suitable for long-term wear, comfortable, un-noticeable under clothing, secure and effective is the desire of all keyholders and their chaste lovers. In reality to manufacture a chastity belt or device which does all this, prevents orgasm, stops masturbation and fits all men or women is most likely a technological improbability.

There is not one single design of chastity belt or style device which meets the needs of everyone. We all have different personal preferences, body shapes and sizes, budgets, comfort and security needs.

Thankfully for men there’s a wide array of differing designs available, each with its own benefits to experiment with until you discover what’s best for you.

Inexpensive Experimental Female Chastity BeltFor women it’s a little different. The choice of manufacturers is much smaller, and there is basically just the one principle design choice of the traditional Florentine Style Chastity Belt.

The best female chastity belts are individually hand made to ensure a personal fit and as a result can cost between £400 – £950. For fantasy enactment leather female chastity belts are significantly cheaper, but can only be worn short term, they must be removed for normal bodily functions and hygiene.

Can a Chastity Belt Prevent Orgasm?

In reality there is probably no male or female chastity belt or device available which will, with 100% certainty, prevent orgasm. When highly aroused it’s the mind that’s your greatest sexual organ. Suggestive commands, seductive caresses, searching tongues, and games of tease and denial can all encourage an orgasm without touching the genitals, and so wearing something preventing access to your pussy or penis is not going to prevent arousal nor orgasm. To some keyholders this is all part of teasing!

A chastity belt or device can be highly effective at preventing masturbation, it’s a sign of your fidelity, you remain loved and locked by your keyholder, and observe promises made to gain release.

Design Types:

There are 3 categories of chastity wear or masturbation prevention:

* The Florentine Style Chastity Belt – for men and women
* The Trapped Ball Chastity Device – male only devices
* Genital Piercings – for men and women

The Florentine Chastity Belt:

This is the traditional style of Chastity Belt, it’s principally metal underwear, and was the original style used by women. Today this chastity belt design is available for both men and women. It has a metal waist band to which a protective shield (also known as a crotch guard) is fixed. On the male version a sheath (or tube) for the penis is fitted on to the crotch guard. The sheath ensures that the penis is always pointing in a downwards direction. The female version has a vertical slot on the protective shield to allow for urination.

Florentine Style Chastity Belts are made to your own measurements by just a few manufacturers around the world. They are usually constructed using 316 Medical Grade Stainless Steel and lined with a material such as Neoprene. Metal Florentine belts demand a higher price than most Trapped Ball Devices because they are individually made to fit you. As a result they can cost from £400 to £1200. We have found one UK retailer who sell a “one size fits most” Florentine belt for women, it has an adjustable waistband, is made of metal with foam padding around the belt. This “one size fits most” female chastity belt is probably suited to short term wear and play than a belt by a manufacturer such as Neosteel in Germany.

The Trapped Ball Chastity Device:

This is the male design we see most of today. It is secured to your body by a cock ring, to which the cage or tube is attached. Your balls are “trapped” between the cage and the ring. Once properly fitted the penis cannot erect to its full size and cannot be easily stimulated.

The Trapped Ball Chastity Device is available from a variety of manufacturers and designers around the world. They are made using a range of materials including leather, polycarbonate, silicone, chrome plated metals, and best of all 316 Medical/Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. Trapped ball devices usually have 3 key components:

# A Cock Ring – fitting behind your balls
# A Cage or Tube – into which your flaccid penis is placed
# A Locking Pin – to connect the ring and cage together

Many designs have the locking pins or posts (which connect the cage to the cock ring) manufactured as part the ring, others such as the “Houdini” have the cage welded directly onto the ring, and the polycarbonate designs such as the “Curve” and the “CB6000” have an individual locking pin which needs to be inserted through the ring and cage. The new silicone designs also have separate locking pins/posts.

Genital Piercings:

Infibulation is the term given to male or female genital piercings which are designed to impose chastity. In the case of women a variety of rings hold the labia together making penetration impossible. For men penile piercings such as Prince Alberts are often used with a chastity device for added security.

Other Chastity Belt Designs:

There are a few designs on the market which do not strictly fit into either of the above 3 categories, the “Buddylock” being one example. The buddy lock is held in place using a piercing or glans ring around the head of the penis, that is then secured to the fixing mechanism inside the penis tube. It’s the piercing or glans ring that keeps the penis in place. An elasticated waist band then give support by holding the penis tube.

    Kalis Teeth Bracelet

    Also in this category fall the KTB (Kalis Teeth Bracelet) and other Kalis type designs. The original KTB was a small, lightweight, metal collar with many rows of metal teeth which was locked around the shaft of the penis, once an erection started the teeth would begin to dig in more and more. Today the term Kalis Teeth Bracelet is occasionally misused for normal style cock rings with teeth (i.e. a ring of 45mm or 55mm that goes around the cock and balls, rather than a much smaller ring that fits the shaft of the penis). A device based on a similar principle which has recently hit the retail sites is called “Mike’s Teeth” or “Mike’s Spikes”, this is the most safe version of a KTB we’ve seen and is available in the UK and the US

    In the UK Bondara and Lovehoney stock some experimental play designs for women at inexpensive prices

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    fully assembled CB-600s polycarbonate device The CB-6000s is the shortest of AL Enterprises range of plastic/polycarbonate devices, resulting in less wriggle room, and it's proved to be a very popular size . Available in the UK from UberKinky. Also available in the US from the Stockroom
    A one size fits most metal female chastity belt with adjustable waist band One of the very few "off the shelf" Female Chastity Belts based on the traditional Florentine design that's available today.
    Leather Female Chastity Belt A comfortable and attractive leather Female Chastity Belt that's ideal for chastity play and less obvious under clothing. Available in the UK from UberKinky and direct from The Stockroom the US designers
    metal male device with closed back ring and cage constructed of vertical bars
    seed pod chastity cage
    The ever popular CB-6000 in chrome with black rings