Stocking Method

Male Chastity

Getting into your device without using lubricant

The Stocking Method is a way of getting into the cage or tube of your chastity device without using lubricant, and can work well for natural and circumcised cocks. The stocking method can be of particular help if your foreskin is intact as this technique can help prevent it from bunching up at the top between the cage and ring, thereby making everything more comfortable.

Below is an explanation of how the stocking method can help you get into, and stay more comfortable, in any device that has an opening at the end of the cage. We’ve also included a set of our photos to help better describe the process.

  1. Take a lady’s knee length stocking (or cut off one leg of a pair of tights – get permission first!!).
  2. With your cock ring fitted and awaiting the presentation of the cage.
  3. Thread the stocking through the opening at the end of your chastity cage.
  4. Place your penis inside the stocking ensuring that the open end of the stocking is right against your body.
  5. Bring the cage up to the ring, placing your cock into the entrance.
  6. As you gently pull on the stocking your cock will be drawn fully into the cage.
  7. Lock your chastity device together, and pull the remaining stocking from the cage.
  8. Bunching up for the foreskin at the entrance of the cage should be greatly reduced.


    Saskia Zenn

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