Welcome to the Spanking Booth

Now Bend Over and Await My Correction

Miss Marquette Welcomes you to the Gentlemanly art of sensually spanking the one you love.

Miss Marquette is a firm yet fair disciplinarienne of a bygone age where the sensual words “bend over” would be as oft heard as those of Byron and Keats. She is uniquely in touch with the sensuality of errant young ladies whose bodies respond submissively and lovingly to the pleasure and pain of spanking.

Gentlemen, I will offer advice regarding the correction of the fairer sex and share my secrets.

“A note the to Fairer Sex; welcome to my Spanking Booth. Whilst visiting my pages on Tickleberry’s website your only responsibility is obedience. You may cast your eyes over the pages which follow informing your Master of the delights within. You may offer him advice as to the most appropriate style of discipline for your misdemeanours, and suggest to him which implement will best serve the purpose.

You are to please me and your Master by paying attention to the tone and pitch of his voice, obeying his commands and presenting yourself correctly in readiness for the correction of your errant behaviour. Any deviation from these simple instructions will in itself require corrective measures

Now Bend Over and Await his Command”.

Whilst in position and awaiting to hear your Master’s first commands, whispered softly but firmly, and anticipating his first touch upon your body, you may wish to consider some of the following:


Female Submission in Sensual BDSM
Emotions and Full Body Orgasms
A Maid in Waiting
Time for Correction

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    Spanking : The tingling sensuality of feminine discipline at its most elegant.

    Spanking is richly physical and profoundly emotional, exploring emotions such as fear, shame and love, and requiring the deepest discipline on both sides.



    Saskia Zenn

    About the Author… Saskia Zenn has worked for the last fifteen years in Marketing and PR. Over the course of her career, Saskia has managed all forms of Public Relations and Marketing campaigns for several high-profile and international organisations, and it is this flair and creativity which she brings to the new Tickleberry website.

    “Becoming a co-owner of Tickleberry is a fantastic opportunity for me to bring together my personal and professional passions to create a really meaningful resource website for the BDSM community.”