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LookBook : Male Submission Photos

You are mine and you will obey!

Men In Bondage!
Secured in leather harnesses, cuffs and collars.
Made to serve and obey Mistress as She dominates, abuses and controls.
Keep your head down, boy, and only look at Mistress when She tells you to!
Now lick Her boots like a good little slave or you’ll get another beating.
And never, ever, allow your knees to leave the ground.

To serve in total submission is your only purpose.

A Gallery of Dominance and submission Photos

A series of photographs by Tickleberry with a soft focus on the beauty of male submissiveness.

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Mark Tomblesen

About the Author … Mark Tomblesen is a Creative Director with a digital media firm in London. He has worked in the video and DM fields since the mid Nineties.

“BDSM and Fetish are reaching out to a whole new audience and Tickleberry has been created to meet the everyday needs of the growing BDSM community. It’s been really great to be a part of this.”

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