Male Chastity

Male Chastity – Why It Works

What are the elements that make Male Chastity so appealing to many men, and what makes it work in a loving relationship?

In one word Orgasm! In two words – Orgasm Denial!

Both “orgasm” and “orgasm denial” are the key ingredients; without denial and without the promise of orgasm male chastity has little relevancy in a loving relationship. It will not work.

Orgasm Denial and Cum Days!

The prime drive of chastity is the permission to orgasm after a period of abstinence. Without the prospect of a longed-for orgasm, whether that be in one day’s time, two weeks’ time or several months’ time, if there is nothing to look forward to, no pleasure to receive, chastity simply becomes celibacy.

Male Chastity is both emotional and physical, it’s an aphrodisiac which teases the mind and offers orgasmic promises to the body – and nothing teases the mind like the promise of a longed-for orgasm!

“Cum-Days” become special days. Maybe they don’t happen often, but they hopefully involve a rare and overwhelming orgasm, that makes having your penis inaccessible and locked in a device an absolute pleasure to endure for the one you love.

When entering into chastity for the first time, you will probably be very focused on the fantasy and your own personal experience of that, and probably rightly so, but don’t forget that the anticipation and pleasure of “Cum-Days” is enjoyed equally and as enthusiastically by your wife, girlfriend or partner!

So the main components that make chastity work in a loving relationship are:
1. Orgasm Denial
2. Orgasm (and Cum Days)

The Male Psyche

Up to a point the more you’re denied sexual release, the more focused you becomes on that. The experience of male chastity means you will regularly be thinking about your “Cum-Day” or how many days of lock-up are still to go before release. You will probably set yourself a target for so many days denial, and may even try to achieve more. Once your penis is denied the sensation of touch the more of your body becomes alive to sexual stimulation, sometimes even the softest, most gentle of touches can make you instantly hard.

Take a Break:

To keep the delights, pleasures and frustrations of male chastity alive, you need to have a break from it occasionally, particularly if you are a long term wearer. Anything we do, any activity we partake of, can become uninteresting and boring if it becomes the everyday norm and an accepted way of living. The same is true of male chastity. Often couples will stop using the chastity device for a month or so, and return to it with a fresh exciting awareness. We tend to be “Creatures of Habit” and this familiarity eventually creates disillusionment or boredom with any subject that’s a constant focus in our lives.

Female Enjoyment

From the female point of view male chastity works because once your penis is locked away your sexual repertoire usually changes and you develop or improve upon, sensual skills that are much more focused on your keyholder, your loving wife or Mistress. Your aim is to arouse, excite and pleasure your lover without using your penis. The sex you share has much less focus on traditional intercourse, male orgasm and ejaculation, and is equally, if not more so, arousing, exciting, enjoyable and fun for you both!

Once your penis is denied the sensation of touch the more of your body becomes alive to sexual stimulation

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    The CB-6000 is probably the best known device that’s available today. It’s provided with 5 different sized rings to help you find the best fit. Available from LoveHoney or UberKinky in the UK and the Stockroom in the US

    Popular for its weight, the Steel Chastity Cock Cage This is similar to the design known as The Sentinel which we first introduced to the UK in 2005 and features in our scrolling images above.

    This Holy Trainer chastity device is made from hypo-allergenic biosourced resin in a candy pink hue. It matches the natural hang of your penis – no embarrassing lumps and bumps through the trousers. Comes with Magic Locker internal padlock system – no rattling padlocks. Good for long- or short- term chastity.


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