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08 Nov
Transforming India

India is changing. Fast. Last year we reported the burgeoning BDSM networks throughout the country. This week it’s something I never thought I would see. A Trans Gender Police Officer. That’s right! The southern state of Tamil Nadu has appointed the country’s first trans gender police officer. 25 year-old K Prithika Yashini was born male

03 Apr
Saying it with Pain

The natural truth in BDSM relationships A few nights ago I was talking to a friend about Cock and Ball torture. She’s not into BDSM but she’s one of the very few ‘outsiders’ I know I can trust and talk to about the subject. While I was describing one of my latest sessions she laughed

31 Oct
What’s On – November 2013

What’s On – November 2013 November 1, 2013, RATHER SINFUL, Eastbourne, United Kingdom Held on the first Friday of the month at The Hart in Eastbourne, Rather Sinful is a Fetish BDSM TV TS regular club night. There’s a strict fetish dress code and entry is £15 per couple and £10 for a single person.

05 May
Pain and Submission

I do not enjoy pain for the sake of pain It doesn’t excites me. What excites me is the surrender. His power and control and domination. So, while I can’t say the pain in and of itself gets me wet, that demonstration of power and my subsequent submission to that power is very exciting.

05 May
You are Mine

Those Three Simple Words Three simple words, comprised of three simple syllables. Words that have substance, meaning. Words that are not to be thrown around lightly. Words that are often overused, by people who have no clue their significance. Said by people who don’t mean them, but who use them like they use the people


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