Spanking A Maid in Waiting

Sarah is waiting for her punishment, she’s has been waiting for over half a hour, considering her errant behaviour. Her crime was one of impertinence, being disrespectful to the Master of the house.

handcuffed Victorian Woman waits for a spanking

Her master will soon return, but before he departed he requested that she bend over whilst he gently teased her body, trailing the falls of his deer skin flogger along the back of her thighs, over each cheek of her bottom and along the length of her spine.

Inside she is tingling with desire for him. She lovingly awaits his correction, the anticipation and longing within her creating a need to caress herself, but such an act is strictly forbidden. She is pleased her master proscribed this for she knows the slightest caress from her own fingers would earn further chastisement. He has chained her hands high above her. All she can do is wait his return.

What methods of corrective therapy would you offer to Sarah?

Photo Credits and Copyright
Alexandre Dupouy from his book Scenes D’Interieur



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