Burlesque Poppy Appeal Collector Upsets RBL

Poppy Appeal collector Jo Freestone had a lot of press coverage a couple of months ago when the British Royal Legion told her not want her to collect for them any more due in her burlesque costume which they deemed as too risqué (it just so happens to include a What Katie Did corset).

The good news is that they’ve now retracted their request for her to cover up saying:

“The Royal British Legion is delighted to reassure Mrs Freestone that she is absolutely welcome to collect for the welfare of our proud British Armed Forces, wherever, whenever and in whatever outfits she pleases.

“We are confident that her burlesque costumes will bring a smile to the faces of the public as they donate generously to the care and support of our Armed Forces family, in the certain knowledge that the Poppy Appeal is supported by people up and down the UK representing all walks of life – burlesque performers most definitely included.

“We have apologised to Mrs Freestone for any upset that may have been caused and look forward to seeing her collecting on the streets of Sherborne come November.”

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