Wax Play – The Slow Drip Of Ecstasy

Wax play can be a great way of inflicting gentle torture on your sub without doing any lasting harm.

Although the wax cools fairly quickly on hitting body it can have have a temperature of 65 to 85 degrees celsius. This can give a real frisson of excitement to the submissive who is anticipating the sharp peak of pain as the wax hits their skin.

There are all sorts of positions to place your sub in for a good waxing, depending on which part of their body you want to torture. Most commonly, the submissive is placed in a prone position, face up if the breasts or genitals are the target, face down for the back or buttocks.

There is also a very enjoyable sensation as the wax is peeled off. The nerve ends skin, already sensitized by the sharpness of the hot wax, respond in very intense ways as the dribbled threads are slowly pulled from the skin. This sensation can be unbearable if the wax has accumulated in large areas over particularly tender places. Having the it scraped off can be just as exciting as the edge of the scraper is drawn across your already sensitized skin.

To make removal easier a light application of talc or massage/baby oil will help the separation from your unfortunate sub’s tortured skin. That is if you want to make it easier!

Sensory Deprivation – An Added Spice

Depriving your submissive of their senses can add an real thrill to to experience. A blindfolded or hooded subject can experience all sorts of things as they lie there anticipating the next drop. How hot will it be? Where is it going to fall? Is it going to be a single stinging drop or is my Master going to punish me with a hot burning stream that sears my skin? The tension can be unbearable and the release made all the more rewarding. As well as crying out, subs have been known to weep or involuntarily void their bladders, so intense are the effects.

woman lying on floor face up man holding 2 candles watches as wax drips on her stomach

Beeswax, Paraffin Candle or Special Waxing Candles?

What wax you use makes a big difference to your play. Softer waxes like beeswax or soy have a slightly lower melting temperature, typically around 45 degrees C, whereas a common candle made of paraffin melts at 65 Degrees C. Using different waxes on different parts of the body depending on the sensitivity and pain threshold of you subject can add a much more intense dimension to your play. For safety always drip the wax straight from the candle. Don’t be tempted to heat it in a container or ladle, even over the candle flame because you will have no idea what the temperature will be. Paraffin wax, for example, has a flash point (at which it self-ignites) of 390 Degrees, which is more than 300 degrees above being able to do real damage to your play partner. Always – Play Safe! Your best bet is to use a plain white or beeswax candle, without colouring as this can raise the melting temperature. Better still use one of the many candles which are sold for exactly this purpose.

Here are a few tips for making your wax play safe and enjoyable:

Don’t drip wax onto the head or face. Apart from the obvious danger to the eyes, wax can run up the nostrils and block or irritate the airways. The lips and mouth are also delicate and damaged easily.

Bodily Orifices in general should be avoided. The urethra (male and female), vagina and anus are sensitive and also prone to damage with wax, or any kind of heat play.

Furry Bits. All the best bits of ourselves have hair in some form or another. Wax, especially the ‘stickier’ waxes like beeswax, can be difficult and often painful to remove. The same goes for head hair. You don’t want to be sending your subbie home with a partially shaved head! (Well, maybe you do, but you shouldn’t).

Good areas to apply your ceralogical torments are the chest/breasts, abdomen, inner thighs, inner arms, basically all the areas surrounding the genitals as you make a slow approach toward them. If you have them handily tied to a spit (don’t say we never give you good ideas) you can flip them over and run the wax down their buttocks and let it pool in the small of their back. Do this slowly, however! As the wax pools it takes longer to cool and there’s a greater risk of burns, so keep an eye on the temperature building up for your sub. Keep some iced water handy so you can get the temperature down quickly if you need to.

Nipples are great. Especially when they’re not expecting it. Rub them with ice first!

Don’t forget – wax is hell to get out of fabrics, carpets, clothing etc, so make sure you cover or remove anything you want to protect. You don’t want to have to explain to your mother-in-law why there’s wax all over the leather sofa. Or the dog. Simple plastic sheeting is usually enough to do the job.

You will be playing with naked flames so just be careful. It goes without saying to remove anything flammable but also be careful with things like hair which becomes especially dangerous if you do get wax in it.

Wax play can be a very exciting part of D/s fetish play, as well as a stimulating precursor to sex, so enjoy it to the full and let it enrich your lovestyle and playtimes.

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