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The Chardmore Society

The Chardmore Society is a is an intimate party group for anyone who wants a closer, friendlier fetish encounter. Set up and run by Skin Two’s publisher, Tim Woodward, these are small parties of between 20 and 40 people. Because many of the guests are regulars you can get to know them well.

Exquisite SubmissionThe parties are varied. There’s the Formal Fetish Dinner Party. This is a dress-up dinner party with everyone dressed to kill. The excellent dinner will cost you £53 and a bedroom £99. There’s a bar to chill out and a nicely equipped dungeon which is open for the entire evening.

An old vicarage in London is the scene for Submissive Women and their Male Doms. A very private party open to couples and sub single women only – no single males. Entry is only £45 per couple or £20 per single woman. This must be paid in advance. If you are a single sub woman and you would like to join in a trusted single male will be found for you.

Single men will be pleased to know that are welcome at the Play Parties, where anything goes! It’s for everyone: straight, fetish, bi, SM, absolutely everyone. The whole point is to have fun at a friendly, and very kinky, play party. Advance tickets are £30 per male/female couple, £10 per t-girl or single woman and £50 per single guy but remember it costs more on the door. No dress code so wear whatever you like.

Tickets can be purchased online at :

There’s also plenty of information about traveling to the events and where to stay (local hotels) when you get there.

If you have any questions you can contact Tim at the Chardmore Society on +44 (0)7941 506 922 or visit the website at

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