Spanking Positions and Postures

Positioning the Lady in readiness for her punishment

Positioning the lady who requires chastisement or spanking must be for your comfort and to heighten her awareness of her well presented bottom. You will need to discover which positions work best for you and your style of spanking, paddling or flogging and consider her comfort. It’s best if you have selection of favourite postures for the lady to adopt and vary them each time, this will keep her level of anticipation aroused and ensure your own actions are not predictable. Here’s a few suggestions . . .

Unsupported Presentations

Bend Over Spanking
The basic and often the best position in which to both give and receive correction is the “Bend Over” position. Simply ask her to “bend over” and place her hand on her knees or around her ankles (depending on how supple she is!) This position can be ideal to build arousal whilst you stand back and admire the view, or whilst inspecting her, or massage bottom. Maybe you’ll need to slip you hand between her legs to discover how wet and excited she is. The Bend Over position will definitely set the scene, it’s a great position to commence any punishment scene with and can be ideal for initial light spanking.

Hands on Knees – vs – Hands on Ankles
With her hands on her knees, you may discover the view to be a little more pleasing than around her ankles, this is because she is more comfortable, her back will arch a little and she will be able to stick out her bottom nicely for you. If she is to place her hands around her ankles she will be less well self supported and may even find it a little difficult to breathe.

The appeal of both these positions is that they are reminiscent of school girl punishments. Her arousal can be further heightened by requesting she count each stroke, and ensuring that her hands have remained in place, if she is not to earn any additional strokes. These positions are also better suited to other implements such as paddles, kitchen utensils such a wooden spoons, canes and floggers.

A good Master will always be concerned for the safety of the young lady his is about to chastise and will understand that firmer spanking will require a position which better supports her for the duration of her punishment.

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Whatever position you require your lady to adopt it must be one which allows you to lovingly control her body… and it should always permit you full access to her bottom.

Supported Positions

For spankings which require a firmer hand and a longer time you will need to give your misbehaved lady a way of supporting herself. She will be able to maintain the “Bend Over” posture better by instructing her to place her hands upon the seat of chair, a stool or upon a table. To ensure her bottom remains nicely within the air shorter/lower furniture will be better.

Alternatively you might like her positioned over a desk, a chair or a table, such postures will support her upper body, and like the unsupported bend over position will permit you to stand to administer her correction, giving you space to swing a favoured implement such as a paddle, flogger, cane or ruler and of course a well administered smack.

A further variation maybe to ask her to lean over a window sill whilst you administer her chastisement, she will need to remain very quiet if not to attract attention from others passing by!

Over the Knee

Over the Knee (OTK) or Across the Lap are other variations, however, you need to be aware of the lady’s body language in this posture, you need to be aware of signs of discomfort as this position may cause breathing difficulties. This position will be suitable for spanking but if you prefer to use a paddle you will need to select it carefully, you won’t have much room to maneouver in this position. Flogger, canes or whips are definitely not a possibility when adopting the “Over the Knee” position. Some practical points to consider if adopting this position is to make sure you’re not wearing anything which might harm you or the naughty lady across your lap. This may seem a little absurd but things like belts, buckles, metal studs, even wallets and keys in pockets can at the very least cause a distraction may, if the wriggling gets a bit enthusiastic, cause cuts and scratches. All these things can spoil the enjoyment and pleasure.

Face Up – On the Bed

Another posture you might occasionally require of your misbehaved lady to adopt is on the bed, or upon a table, whilst on her back. You should instruct her to place her hands around her knees or upon her ankles. In this position you may constantly need to remind her to remain in position after each spank is delivered, and wiggle less. Ladies in need of punishment who are required to adopt this position present to you not only their bottoms and other delicious sights too.


Whatever position you require your lady to adopt it must be one which allows you to lovingly control her body. You need to consider both her comfort and yours, and the individual physical characteristics and limitations of each of you. Her position should always permit you full access to her bottom, and it should be one which does not offer her the opportunity to clench her cheeks together too often, this will ensure your spanking is delivered to a lovely, round, relaxed and bouncing bottom.

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