Divine Domination

What is Divine Domination?

The Seduction of Suggestive Power

Almost every personal fetish or kink is fuelled by the erotic suggestion of the mind and Divine Domination is no exception. In fact arousing your lover’s mind and teasing his intellect are the key components to Domination and submission.

Divine Domination, sometimes called “Feminine Domination” or “Domination and submission” (D/s) is an immensely erotic fantasy for many men. What the average submissive male hungers for is a loving female authority in his life to submit to and love. Rather than visiting a professional Dominatrix, he wants to enact and share his secret desires of erotic surrender with his wife or girlfriend.

Perhaps that’s why you’re reading this page? Maybe your husband or boyfriend has found the inner courage to express to you his secret self, his submissive self, the side of him that wants to serve you above all others.

As his Mistress you know when to listen, when to take control, when to stop and can distinguish his fantasies from reality.

Many women discover feminine domination at the suggestion of their husband or boyfriend. Many women initially find the very idea completely alien to them. Others are intrigued and embark on a search to discover more. Often your lover’s hunger and need to submit to you will be much greater than your desire to dominate him, but given time, practise, experience and play this is highly likely to change.

Being a Dominant Lover doesn’t mean that you should abandon your femininity. Nor does it mean that you should become a strict whip wielding, leather clad Dominatrix (unless of course that appeals to you). What Divine Dominance does involve is your lover worshipping you, and celebrating your beauty, intelligence and love.

In order to move forward you need to understand this fantasy from your lover’s point of view: In very simple terms he wants to be denied his own pleasures in order to receive the greater pleasure of pleasing you.

Some men like Divine Dominance to be soft, sensual and romantic. Others prefer it to have a flavour of bondage and discipline. Many like Divine Dominance and Erotic Surrender to remain within the confines of the bedroom. And others want their surrender to be a complete love-style involving all aspects of life. In this example your submissive man will carry out tasks around the house, be attentive to your daily emotional, physical and sexual needs which will set free his submissive nature.

A major component of Divine Domination is the sensual seduction of your lover by the power of suggestion. You offer him the allure of fulfilling this ultimate male fantasy and releasing his mind from the routines and tedium of every day life. As you become skilled in the arts of Divine Domination you will enjoy setting him tasks, teaching him to meet your needs, placing him in bondage or even whipping his cock.

As his Mistress you have a position of responsibility. You are his lover, his guide, his teacher and his muse. You know when to listen, when to take control, when to stop and can distinguish his fantasies from reality. He shares with you his secret desires and you are his trusted partner. Overall you are an imaginative, creative role player and lover. You’re concerned with his emotional and physical self. You are empowered and lovingly, deliciously wicked!

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