Naughty Corner by Filthy Boy

Much Naughtier Than Normal

Lights out! I don’t want to hear a peep.
Turn around and face the wall
and that’s an order.

Filthy Boy, a London band, are living up to their name with “Naughty Corner” which was released in July. Fetish inspired lyrics combined with black and white filming and sexy vintage lingerie imagery create a nice tease.

Sit down, shut the door and have a seat
Recently you’ve been extremely out of order.
Right now you really seem to be increasingly much naughtier than normal.
Lights out, I don’t want to hear a peep
turn around and face the wall and that’s an order.
That’s right and we’ll throw away the key
and you’ll spend your whole life in the naughty corner

Much of the lingerie, if not all, was supplied by What Katie Did and includes their Padded Bullet Bra, Tempest Corset, Glamour Girdle and Retro Seamed Stockings.

steel boned corsets by What Katie Did

Discover more of Filthy Boy’s music at their Bandcamp page.

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