Every Breath You Take…

Belongs To Me…

Breath play is an orgasm enhancer. Most of us work our breath at the point of orgasm, either breathing faster, slowing it down or holding it. The pleasure of breath play proper is you’re handing the control to another person, which can make it out of this world.

If you haven’t done anything like it before, try deliberately holding your breath when you feel your orgasm rising up. hold it until you think you’re going to burst. Then, just when there’s nothing left take several deep breaths and let your senses feed on the oxygen.

One of my favourite games is to put my hand over my sub’s mouth while forcing her to masturbate. I’ve got quite big hands so I can block her nostrils. Parting my middle fingers allows her a few moments of precious breath before I deny her again. As her orgasm approaches I will make these shorter and shorter – less than a second – and then hold her firm as her body thrashes and buckles in pleasure. As her orgasm takes hold I remove my hand and the rush of oxygen takes the sensations tingling through her body.

So how does breath play work?
Breathing – resting breathing – involves around 12 to 15 breaths a minute. Stress, excitement, fear and exertion will all increase the oxygen requirement and so this rate increases. This, in essence, is what breath play does: we introduce fear, anticipation, moderate struggling, heightened excitement, and so the need for oxygen increases. But there isn’t any: the breath has been blocked. So the heart rate increases. Pounds faster to get more flow, more supply. What little oxygen there is gets used up more quickly now and all the body’s senses become heightened. Anxiety and excitement are peaking and the awareness is becoming very focused.

Then the breath comes and the rapidly beating heart floods oxygen through the body, and every nerve end fires. Sensation hits the roof and your orgasm just explodes through you.

So here are our Top Ten tips for Breath Play

1 – Make it fun. You can get as serious as you like but remember it’s about enhancing pleasure.

2 – Restricted breathing doesn’t just increase the pleasure of orgasm – it heightens all other senses as well. Spankings sting better, caresses arouse more. The intensified sensations from your genitals are mind-blowing.Slave Gas Mask

3 – Set up a pace. A pattern of restriction and free breathing can have a spectacular effect on pleasure. I’ve seen a timer used to great effect. The anticipation as the sub watches it count down, knowing not only what will come but when, can be very powerful. A friend of mine used a bell which he would strike once as he released his sub. As soon as the ring died away he would stifle his boy again.

4 – Remember to pay attention to all the erogenous areas as you alternate between restriction and free breathing. The road to ecstasy is all the better for having lots of twists and turns.

5 – Breath Play is a serious game so, before you start, make sure you have everything you need to both play the game and keep your sub safe. If you’re using plastic bags make sure they are lightweight ones which can be easily torn open. Keep a suitable set of shears or strong scissors in case you need to cut through masks, tubes, tape etc. Also keep a phone handy just in case you need the emergency services.

6 – How healthy is your sub? Physically and mentally they need to be able to take it. Find out about allergies, asthma, bronchial problems, claustrophobia before you start. Also be aware of high blood pressure, cardio problems and nosebleeds! Stomach problems are important, too. Vomit can fill the lungs before you even know it’s happened. Just be safe. It’s so hard to find good subs these days and we don’t want to kill the poor little darlings off.

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7 – Relax together beforehand. Excitement will help your enjoyment much more than anxiety so spend a little while talking about what’s to come. The game is about trust. The giving and taking of trust is rarely more intense than this so let yourselves enjoy it with love and the pleasure will follow naturally.

8 – For a real test of discipline try command only breath play. Tell you sub to hold their breath until you command them to exhale. Failure to obey will, of course, result in the most creative of punishments!

9 – Breathplay can seriously heighten the senses. Physical sensation becomes greatly enhanced so punishment becomes sharper and pleasure becomes deeper. Many couples use it to intensify both the passion and emotion of their sexual union. Use it to enrich your experience and build the relationship with your partner or sub.

10 – Don’t forget the aftercare. This is even more important of the you scene has ben very intense. Show your sub that they matter to you and that you care about them. Sub Drop can happen very quickly if you’re not careful and you don’t want your scene to end like that.

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