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With so much poor and mediocre quality leatherwork on the market nowadays it’s a rare godsend to find a company who take real pride in their craft from raw materials to end product.

Sinvention are one of the finest manufacturers of high-quality leather fetish products in the world today, and we’re speaking from experience of buying (and previously selling) their wonderful bondageware. Their offerings are as exciting as they are exotic. I can’t help but drool over the exquisite pair of Ballet Splints shown below, and which sum up the creativity and craftsmanship for which Sinvention have become known.

woman seated on chair with legs in bondage with sinventions ballet binders

Founded in 1998 in Stratford, Ontario, Sinvention dedicated themselves to making strict functional restraints, cuffs, collars, and fetish goods. Over the years this has grown to include a terrific range of extreme BDSM items over the years such as silicone ball gags, sensory deprivation hood, muzzle, dildo harnesses, paddles, pony play, and belts.

A particular favourite of mine is their range of deliciously severe range of medical restraints and toys. These beatutiful pieces include sensory deprivation masks (you are on your own in there, believe me), a psych ward muzzle (fetch the fava beans and chianti) and a simply gorgeous matching range of blindfolds, gags, cuffs, belts and collars which will have customers writhing in anticipation. All are in authentic tan and white or red and white English leather.

Sinvention go to great length to make sure the materials they use are the best available. Leather is sourced form the best suppliers in Europe and North America, and all the metal fixings, buckles and rivets are the strongest available. It’s because of the care and effort they put into both materials and workmanship that they can offer a Lifetime Warranty on all their products, Something you won’t find from many manufacturers these days!

Whether it’s off-the-peg or custom made, if you are looking for something a bit more special, then Sinvention is the place to look. You can check out their full production range at and keep yourself updated at their facebook and twitter pages where you will find their ‘Fetish of the Day’ entries and info about all their newest products.

Man with leather ball gag and blindfold with dildo in gag

man tied to bed wearing tan medical leather muzzle

Photo Credit and Copyright
First, third and fourth images – Sinvention
Second Image – Ashley Renne

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