You Are Mine

Those Three Simple Words

Three simple words, comprised of three simple syllables.
Words that have substance, meaning.
Words that are not to be thrown around lightly.
Words that are often overused, by people who have no clue their significance.
Said by people who don’t mean them, but who use them like they use the people they say them to, for momentary gain.
They are said too lightly, to people who desire to hear them.

When used correctly they have meaning.
They retain utmost respect.
Not to be bandied about like silly slogans to be found on a sweet tart.

You are mine.

To have meaning, these particular words cannot be whispered.
They are not the content of some insignificant poem or song.
You can’t contract them to “You’re mine.” as has been done so many times, they are not to be said quickly.
To retain their connotation they are to be said in a growl, or through a throaty gruff scowl.
Each word is to be enunciated.
Given the respect it deserves.
Each word will take the full breath of the speaker.


Possession. Protection. Safety. Trust. Loyalty. Ownership.

Do not use them lightly.
Do not overuse them.
For every time you say these words, you must understand the message you are sending.

For three simple words, three simple syllables they mean so much.
For these words become your bond.
Your promise. Your covenant.

Just as a collar or your marks on their skin show the outward signs of your ownership of her body, these three words take ownership of her mind. And within them offer your greatest gift to her, as you accept her greatest gift to you, unconditional submission.

Copyright : Mike, Toronto, Canada.

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Mark Tomblesen

About the Author … Mark Tomblesen is a Creative Director with a digital media firm in London. He has worked in the video and DM fields since the mid Nineties.

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