Spanking, Paddles and Floggers

Masters and Mistresses have discovered that paddles are probably the easiest “striking” toy available. The techniques required for their use are very similar to spanking with the palm. The paddle becomes an extension of your body.

The Right Tool For The Job

Paddles are constructed in a great variety of materials: some are very pliable such as soft leather whilst others made of wood are very rigid, and are available in may differing designs.

Miss Marquette employs the craftsmanship of a true master for her favourite implements of chastisement.

Before purchasing such a delightful discipline implement a good master will consider the aerodynamics or the air resistance of the paddle. A larger paddle will have a greater air resistance and spread the impact across more of the lovely presented cheeks presented before you. Small paddles, wooden spoons and hair brushes will create a more intense “sting”. The “thud” of a larger implement and the “string” of a smaller discipline tool are both equally delightful yet quite different.

Most ladies requiring correction of their misbehaviour will prefer a larger paddle for extended punishment and the “Sting” of a smaller or thinner implement (such as a ruler) for shorter, sharper correction therapy.

If using a paddle or cane seems too severe then consider using a flogger. Floggers can be terrific if you both want a playtime which is a bit more energetic but without the potential for inflicting too much pain. Floggers are like the old cat-o-nine-tails but the tails, or falls, are made of something like suede or soft leather. This gives weight to the strike but without the ‘whip’ effect. This means you sub can really feel like they are being given ‘what for’ without actually having the living daylights beaten out of them.

Warm Up

To commence your young lady’s chastisement start by warming up the cheeks of her bottom, perhaps by massage, then progress to gentle spanking (by hand) for a while until her bottom begins to blush.

Wait a while as you take in the sight before you, stroke her bottom before you repeat the process. You are now ready to apply your favoured implement to her awaiting bottom.

Warm ups are essential not just for setting the stage within the theatre of chastisement but also in preparing her skin for what is to come, the longer the warm up, the more spanking she will be able to take. Warm ups will encourage the flow of endorphins (the body’s own pleasure/pain hormones).

Where to Spank using a discipline instrument

Spanking with a paddle, hairbrush or ruler unlike traditional spanking by hand needs to be confined to just her bottom. Discipline play with such toys is perfectly safe if you take care with your strikes and confine them to the well covered muscle or fatty areas of her glowing cheeks.

Man stands beside woman on bed with red bottom after a spanking

Photo Copyright Information:
From Viva’s Pinups: Bullet Bras and
Backseat Betties by Viva Van Story

Spanking Paddle With Inlaid Hearts

You need to remember not to use these sensual toys on her breasts as it is possible that a hit placed close to the area of the heart may stop it beating. Any tool used to strike if applied much too enthusiastically is capable of breaking a bone, for this reason you will need to instruct your errant young lady not to try to “protect” her bottom with her hands, and perhaps advise her that each attempt to do so will earn further strikes (lovingly and carefully placed).

Other than the above recommendations Masters and Mistresses will employ similar techniques to those contained within the “Spanking” pages which detail setting the scene, the importance of your voice, positioning of her body, building the intensity, enhancing the game with some little extras, and after care.


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