Emergency Key

Access to Release

Getting out of a chastity device in Situations of Absolute Emergency:

Most male chastity devices are provided with 2 keys. If your device has just the one key you ought to either have a second cut, buy a new good quality padlock with 2 keys, or if it’s a unique specialist key buy another from your chastity belt manufacturer, then hand them over to your keyholder:

* One for your Goddess to keep.
* The other to be locked away, but made available to you in situations of absolute necessity.

What determines “absolute necessity” is a question of hot debate, in general it’s considered to be a medical emergency situation. It can be whatever is best for your keyholder and you.

Where or How to Store your emergency Key:

Some things your and your keyholder might like to consider when deciding how to store your emergency key.

Does it need to be stored somewhere that’s ….

  1. portable so that you have access at all times
  2. small enough to fit into your briefcase, pocket or glove box of your car
  3. secure enough to give you time to think about you’re doing. To consider “Is this really an emergency situation?”. “Is it essential that I unlock my device now?”. “Am I frustrated and need sexual relief”. Giving you the option to rethink what you’re about to do and to leave the key where it belongs!
  4. breakable to gain access to your key in an absolute medical emergency situation, even without your keyholder’s permission.
  5. high security and can only be accessed with keyholder permission.

If your emergency key is secured in a high security combination lock what will you do if you keyholder is not contactable and cannot give you the combination code?

If your keyholder feels it best that you carry the emergency key with you so that you can get to it without her help you could:

1. Laminate your key between 2 credit card size pieces of plastic, you could include a note from your keyholder too. This will be easy to carry in your pocket. Although you’ll be able to get out of your chastity device you’ll need to cut the plastic to remove the key, so any unauthorised use of your chastity device won’t go unnoticed.

2. A more secure method would be to use an emergency protable key box with a combination lock. Your keyholder can select her own combination code and secure the key inside. It’s small enough to be portable inside a sports bag, brief case or in the glove box of your car. If you need release and your keyholder is not with you, telephone, text or email her for the combination code. If your keyholder is not contactable and you’re in an absolute emergency situation, you could take a really strong hammer to it, however your escape attempt will be very obvious.

Emergency Key without a Keyholder:

If you are in chastity and without a keyholder it’s a little difficult to maintain enough will power to stay locked up in times of great sexual frustration. One very low cost technique to is to freeze your key in an ice cream size tub full of water. It will take some time to thaw out, and give you the opportunity to consider if you really need release.

small just bigger than pocket size portable key holder with security code

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