Administering a Spanking

The Skill of Administering a Spanking

Administering a sensual, erotic spanking is an art which all Masters and Mistresses develop and improve upon through practice. Like them you will need to find your own spanking style and technique. You need to discover what works best for you in a variety of situations and locations. Here I’ll impart a few words of guidance to help you on your way to becoming the Master of a good spanking!


The pace at which you administer discipline is all important. You should commence slowly, methodically and rhythmically, remembering to build anticipation and desire within her.

You must avoid the temptation to commence too enthusiastically. A master of good character is able to demonstrate his dominance and authority with patience, such qualities are not concerned with being “macho” nor “bullying”. Spanking needs to start at a sensual slow pace so that she welcomes her discipline.

Remember too that the characteristics of an excellent Master is his understanding of the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of spanking and to build these within his submissive. The best Master will tease her mind with his words and in so doing she will welcome his touch of chastisement.

Warm Up

Start by warming up her bottom, perhaps by massage, then progress to gentle spanking for a while until her bottom begins to blush.

Then wait a while as you take in the sight before you, stroke her bottom before you repeat the process. You may have decided to initially spank her over her knickers and now is the time to remove them, perhaps you will instruct her to take them off herself and present them to you. Perhaps you will take them from her and breath in the aroma of her excitement.

Warm ups are essential not just for setting the stage but also in preparing her skin for what is to come, the longer the warm up, the more spanking she will be able to take. Warm ups will encourage the flow of endorphins (the body’s own pleasure/pain hormones) and start the arousal process within her.

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Delivery of your smacks

Your pace needs to be steady and rhythmic. The number and delivery of your smacks are all important; more so than the force of your technique. Build up a regular steady pace and maintain this for a while, then suddenly stop, allow her to wonder what you’ll do next before delivering a few slightly harder smacks. Don’t always allow her the privilege of being able to predict your strokes of punishment. Sometimes you may wish on concentrate your spanking to one cheek of her bottom, other times you might choose to apply equal smacks to both cheeks.

Building Intensity

Learn to increase the intensity of your spanking without applying force. After delivering some initial spanks with a rigid palm acting like a paddle, deliver the same strokes with your wrist more relaxed to give her a different sensation. Cupping your hand slightly so that your entire hand makes contact at once will provide an impressively noisy smack, and a well deserved stinging spank can be achieved by applying just your fingers. A more intense stingy sensation will be delivered to the lovely presented blushing cheeks of her bottom by spreading your fingers, this reduces the air resistance between your palm and her awaiting bottom, and increasing the area of impact. Smacking with just the fingers gives a sharper, more instantaneous shock to the bottom and a few of these can be used to great effect. Don’t get too enthusiastic with it though as doing this for long periods can leave you with an aching hand. It is the subbie we are chastizing, not you!

Where to Spank

You should not smack around the base of the spine (the coccyx/tailbone region). The lower part of her bottom, close to her legs, is much more sensitive, as are the fleshy sides of her bottom. You may sometimes choose to spank her inner or outer thighs and occasionally the back of her upper legs.

Spanking Aftercare

Cuddling is important, and nurturing each other. Leave the talk and analysis of the scene for another day. Use lotions on the skin, drink water, be sure to treat any abrasions if you had a rough session.

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