Spanking – Corner Time

Spanking’s Naughty Step of Yesteryear!

Corner Time” was originally a mild form of punishment adopted within many schools. The errant girl was required to stand in the corner of the classroom facing the wall with her hands raised upon her head, whilst the remainder of the class paid attention to their lessons. It’s yesteryear’s equivalent of “The Naughty Step”!

When and Why to Use Corner Time

A Master or Mistress who adopts this technique uses it for several reasons. Sometimes before a spanking and often after administering a short discipline session, before moving on to the next technique, such reasons include:

Firstly he may request the errant young lady to adopt the “Corner Time Position” enabling him to enjoy the view of nicely glowing cheeks presented before him.

It offers him the opportunity to verbally remind the young lady of her errors, to describe her appearance, or to lecture her, and to advise her of the discipline yet to be administered.

Corner Time provides a natural interlude to the play, and offers the ideal opportunity to commence the next act with different techniques or implements such as a sensual flogger or paddle.

The errant young lady may appreciate corner time because:

  • It provides her time to consider her crime, the discipline received and of course it will focus her mind on the tingling sensation of her bottom.
  • It allows the opportunity for the sting of her bottom to subside, in readiness for further discipline.

Corner Time – Loving Submission

Corner Time is a loving demonstration of submission. It can sometimes feel embarrassing or humiliating, yet it is something she may still want to do. Often stern words of her Master’s voice is all the encouragement she needs to adopt the position. Remember it is your voice which can so arouse her, and build the desire to willingly submit. She may need a little “persuasion” or “promises of more strict punishment” should she fail to adopt your command for the corner time position.

Corner time also offers both players in the theatre of spanking and discipline a little breathing space. It may also benefit both Master and submissive because any pause between spanking sessions gives time for her bottom to recover in readiness for the next session – when the tingling subsides the nerves of her bottom will start relatively fresh, the impact of the spanking, paddling or flogging will be greater without the need for intense strokes.


Viva Van Story Photograph blindfolded woman facing wall with bottom on show

Photograph: The Offering – Viva Van Story

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