Spanking – Emotions and Full Body Orgasms

As any experienced player knows, there a number of emotional factors to consider during games of Dominance and Submission

Any role playing games of sensual discipline, whether spanking, flogging, caning, with or without the use of restraints or sensory deprivation techniques such as blindfolding can, and often will, have exceptionally strong emotional, cognitive and spiritual effects on both the submissive and dominant lover. It is essential to allow yourselves time to “ground” or “wind down”

The submissive partner may experience what is sometimes referred to as an “SM Orgasm”. An SM Orgasm is what the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich called a “full body orgasm”, when the whole body becomes a total erogenous zone.

A full body orgasm happens when almost all the body’s many nerve and energy centres are highly aroused (with or without direct sexual stimulation), such as during spanking or flogging. Tension within the body builds up and culminates in an explosive release, which is not focused on just the genital area (as normal) but throughout the entire body.

A full body “orgasm” can feel much more intense, more highly charged and more overwhelming than our “normal” experience of orgasm. A full body orgasm will leave some submissive lovers feeling calm, very relaxed and serene, some will feel invigorated, these feelings can be similar to a genital orgasm, but so very much more intense.


A “full body orgasm”, when the whole body becomes a total erogenous zone.


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