Spanking – Setting the Scene, Establishing your Authority

Spanking is concerned with the discipline of ladies who need to be reminded of their misdemeanours, and to have their behaviour corrected. Spanking is usually applied by hand upon the bare bottom, and may often require more stern measures involving the use of a hairbrush, a slipper, a tawse, a paddle or any other innocent looking kitchen utensil, such as a wooden spoon.

Setting the scene and establishing your authority.

The performance within the theatre of discipline is set by His Master’s voice. He will command the young lady to position herself in readiness for her chastisement. The play continues as he pulls down her knickers exposing the cheeks of her bottom, which he caresses and admires. His carefully selected words have the power to arouse her, as she waits, feeling the cool air on her bottom, anticipating her master’s first move, whilst she remains in position, bent over. It is often his first words, or the feel of him positioning her body which will instantly bring out her total submissiveness toward him. Her submission will be mixed with emotions of love, of need, of desire, and of trust. This opening scene is as delicious to the submissive as receiving her punishment. It is this act of the play which sets the tone for what is to come. Her bottom will be perfectly positioned before his eyes, and longing to welcome his very first smack.

Be Firm yet Fair

Remember the importance of your voice, and the sternness of your words. Your voice is perhaps best in your normal manner, just a little slower, more precise, and the tone a little deeper with emphasis on your key words.

Command and Instruct

Command and instruct her to obey your words “Bend Over Now”. Admire the view before you, perhaps describing to her what you see. Instruct her to reposition herself if necessary, maybe you need to remind her to better present her bottom to you, maybe she needs to stick it out a little more, maybe you wish her legs to be a little wider apart, maybe you will choose to increase her anticipation by instructing her to wait, to stay in position whilst you leave the room. Inform her that she must not move, she must simply wait until you are ready to commence. Remember you are Master of this Play! Remind her of her misdemeanours, and advise her of the discipline you are about to employ. Be Strict, be stern, learn to interpret her body language, build anticipation, and enjoy the sensuality of the moment.

Build Anticipation

Building anticipation will be a delicious beginning for her, don’t rush it. This is almost as important as the spanking itself. It builds desire, increases anticipation and make the longed for punishment all the more sweet. Pull down her knickers slowly to expose her rounded cheeks. Remind her why she requires chastisement and how you’re going to administer the punishment. Let her wait. Build the anticipation and gently run your finger around her cheeks. Admire the view before you.

Let the Fun Commence!

Only when you’re ready should the spanking commence!

Stern Disciplinarian's Leather Strap

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