How to put on a Chastity Device

Putting On a Chastity Device

This is a generic guide and covers most options for most Trapped Ball style Chastity Devices

The first thing you must do when fitting any two-piece chastity device is to put on the cock ring. It is this ring which holds the whole device in place and secure on your body. How it fits is very important. All being well you will have carefully measured yourself for your ring before buying your device or you’ve purchased on of the most popular polycarbonate chastity devices made by AL Enterprises and sold worldwide – such as the CB-6000 – that comes with a set of rings. (Other more secure metal devices due to their increased value and price are usually sold with just the one ring).

For more tips about how to measure for the cock ring take a look at THIS page.

Fitting the Cock Ring:

Whether you choose a solid or hinged ring will be a matter of personal choice, and what’s available for your preferred design of chastity device.

Hinged Ring. Some chastity devices have hinged rings which are considered to be easier to fit, than solid rings, but some men find the hinge itself a little uncomfortable. To fit a hinged ring:

* Open the ring as wide as it will go
* Place it behind your balls
* Close it

Solid Ring (sometimes called a “Closed Ring”). These are a little more tricky to put on, but it’s often said they provide a better fit than Hinged Rings, it’s really a matter of personal choice and preference.

Solid rings need to put on and removed when the penis is soft and flaccid

* Pull a little scrotal skin through the ring, then push one testicle through
* Take a little more skin and push the other testicle through the ring
* Now bend the penis downwards and pull it through the ring

You may find that wearing the ring on its own for a few days helps your body become accustomed to the feel, your testicles in particular need to get used to the sensation. This also helps ensure that the ring you have selected is not too tight, but comfortable enough for long term wear. If the ring you select is too large you will most likely be able to escape. If too small then you will have circulation problems.

The rings of the CB-6000, The Curve and the CB-3000 are now made as an assembled ring being made of 3 components – a main U spaced part and two connecting n shaped parts. There fit is easier than a closed ring.

Fitting Locking Pins and Spacers:

Some of the more secure metal chastity devices don’t employ the use of spacers and already have the locking pin permanently fixed to the cage or the ring. However, the popular polycarbonate have spacers to allow you to find best fit. To stop the cage sliding back toward the ring, one or more spacers can be used. These usually slide on the locking pin as a collar and keep the cage and ring at a set distance. As a general rule it is best to start with the larger post and corresponding spacer, and work down to the smaller sizes to find your comfortable fit.

* Fit the desired length of locking pin (sometimes called centre post) through the back of the cock ring so that it points away from your body.
* Select a spacer and pop that on the pin

Some devices such as the CB2000, CB3000 and the Curve have guide pins on the cage, which feed into the cock ring holding the cage in place. These guide pins need to be cut to your own measurement after you’ve found the perfect fit, otherwise they will stick into your body and be uncomfortable. You can trim guide pins with a pair of side cutter pliers and smooth the edges with an emery board. Do this carefully, cutting a little then testing the fit, only then cut a little more if necessary. If you do this wrong you’ll need to either buy a new cage or some guide pins and superglue.

You’re now ready to present the cage to the pin.

Putting on the Cage:

Now if you’re comfortable you’re ready to fit the cage. You should have your ring on and the post fitted with a spacer if applicable.

1 Apply a small amount of lubricant to your glans and shaft, and place the tip of your penis in the cage.
2 Bring the cage up to meet the fixing method it uses (such as post and/or guide pins)
3 Line up the hole in the cage and cock ring and push the cage back toward the ring until it goes no further.

Locate the Keys to your padlock!

Now ensure you know exactly where the keys are to your padlock, then lock the padlock in place. Hear that click! You’re now locked in and ready to serve.

Chastity Devices Using the Handcuff Principle:

The Houdini Chastity Cuff fits around the cock and balls not with a cock ring but a fully opening handcuff. To prevent the ratchet closing once you have it on, use the point at the end of the key to depress a little button at the opposite side of the lock. This keeps the handcuff tight but prevents it from over tightening.

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