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The Elusive Exclusive

The Chardmore Society The Chardmore Society is a is an intimate party group for anyone who wants a closer, friendlier fetish encounter. Set up and run by Skin Two’s publisher, Tim Woodward, these are small parties of between 20 and 40 people. Because many of the guests are regulars you can get to know them […]

Buying a Male Chastity Device

Devices and Desires You stand there. Silent. Obedient. Your Mistress closes the ring around you. For a moment your balls are cradled in her soft hand. You fight your urge. Lust would be disrespectful. And today you must respect. You must be grateful. She slips the cage onto your penis and marries it up with […]

Transforming India

India is changing. Fast. Last year we reported the burgeoning BDSM networks throughout the country. This week it’s something I never thought I would see. A Trans Gender Police Officer. That’s right! The southern state of Tamil Nadu has appointed the country’s first trans gender police officer.

Spank Holiday Weekend

Been naughty this summer? Well, I think it’s time you made amends. And we’ll begin with a good paddling. Or a flogging, perhaps? Have you been that bad? You did what?! Pull down your pants and get over that chair! It’s the cane for you and it’s going to hurt. Of course, there’s much more […]

Every Breath You Take…

Belongs To Me… Breath play is an orgasm enhancer. Most of us work our breath at the point of orgasm, either breathing faster, slowing it down or holding it. The pleasure of breath play proper is you’re handing the control to another person, which can make it

Saying it with Pain

The natural truth in BDSM relationships A few nights ago I was talking to a friend about Cock and Ball torture. She’s not into BDSM but she’s one of the very few ‘outsiders’ I know I can trust and talk to about the subject. While I was describing one of my

50 Shades – Soft-core Porn for the Ladies?

I like a good spanking… … just as much as the next guy. But the long-awaited Fifty Shades didn’t leave many of us with an afterglow, it seems. Bad sex, lousy dialogue and tortured spanking scenes (no pun intended) have disappointed many. Certainly it has lived up to a lot of opinion about the book. […]

Pain and Submission

I do not enjoy pain for the sake of pain It doesn’t excites me. What excites me is

You are Mine

Those Three Simple Words Three simple words, comprised of three simple syllables. Words that have substance, meaning. Words that are not to be thrown around lightly. Words that are often

Sensual Steelwerk

Lock Your Love and Free Your Fantasy Where can you get a product which combines the skill and artistry of a trained goldsmith with the latest technology in computer-aided production techniques using stainless steel and titanium alloys? SteelWerks recently announced the completion of their latest

Rope Bondage – Time Lapse Video

The Art of Rigging & Japanese Rope Bondage I love Japanese rope bondage, it’s a real art and riggers are real craftsmen. Sometimes, when you look at a piece of Shibari work, it’s difficult to see where it starts and where it ends. This superb video by John Tisbury and Taner Tatham gives a

BDSM Finds A Voice In India

India’s Kinky Collective In a country with extremely conservative attitudes to sex something very exciting is going on. Members of a group called The Kinky Collective are starting to talk, not only among themselves, but more widely about BDSM and what it means for them. The Kinky collective is a small group of

Thoughts on Blindfolds

To See or Not To See Why a Blindfold should be in every BDSM toy cupboard Often, Masters and Mistresses never experience what their sub does when a blindfold is used, which is a pity because understanding more about your senses and emotions when you can’t see can really help improve the whole game for […]

Universal Studios sue Smash Pictures : Fifty Shades of Grey XXX Adaption

Universal Studios & Fifty Shades Limited go legal! Copyright law is there for a reason! You can’t simply shoot a porno film and title it “Fifty Shades of Grey” without the express permission of the copyright holder and, in this case, without having the film rights to the book. Which Universal Studios claim

Fantasy Mistress – Who’s Yours?

Who would you like to have smacking your bottom? We all have fantasies about celebrities, film stars and people on TV. At Tickleberry we like to be a bit different so we came up with the idea of a Fantasy Mistress. For your delight we’ve included a few of our own photos of

Church of Sinvention Leather

With so much poor and mediocre quality leatherwork on the market nowadays it’s a rare godsend to find a company who take real pride in their craft from raw materials to end product. Sinvention are one of the

Naughty Corner by Filthy Boy

Much Naughtier Than Normal Lights out! I don’t want to hear a peep. Turn around and face the wall and that’s an order. Filthy Boy, a London band, are living up to their name with “Naughty Corner” which was

30 Days of Chastity

Based on the popular “30 Days of Kink” we’ve put together a new set of challenge questions specifically about chastity… “Thirty Days of Chastity”. The questions are available on this page and as a PDF download so that you can

Keep Calm and Carry On Spanking!

Have you visited Keep Calm-O-Matic? If you’ve a minute to spare and a creative mind pop along the their website where you can create your own “Keep Calm” poster based on the rediscovered World War Two poster.

Gags All Shapes and Sizes : Review & Video

To Muffle your slave Using gags in BDSM scenes is often given a back seat compared to things like restraints, Shibari, wax play etc. However gags come in all sorts of flavours and so we thought it would be useful to have a brief guide to the different

Burlesque Poppy Appeal Collector Upsets RBL

Poppy Appeal collector Jo Freestone had a lot of press coverage a couple of months ago when the British Royal Legion told her not want her to collect for them any more due in her burlesque costume which they deemed as too

Wax Play – The Slow Drip Of Ecstasy

Wax play can be a great way of inflicting gentle torture on your sub without doing any lasting harm. Although the wax cools fairly quickly on hitting body it can have have a temperature of 65 to 85 degrees celsius. This can give a real frisson of excitement to the

We’re Back

That’s Right! Earlier this year Saskia Zenn and Mark Tomblesen took over the reins at Tickleberry and we’re proud to launch the New Tickleberry Website. We are no longer a commercial website. Instead we are now the best BDSM and Fetish resource on the internet for anyone looking to

50 Shades of Music & Video

What’s On in October and November

October 4th-7th October, Eccentric Fashion Weekend: Kandersteg, Switzerland Eccentric Fashion have been running this event every spring and autumn since 1971. It’s held at the beautiful Bernese Highland, not too far from Interlaken and surrounded by the Swiss alps. The weekend includes a fashion show and the ‘Circo Bizzarro’ as well as lots of other […]

30 Days of Kink – All the questions

You may have seen the challenges the “30 Days of submission” or the “30 Days of Dominance”; this more recent version the “30 Days of Kink” can be an interesting personal exercise to help you identify your preferred sexual flavours, desires and


Why Use Safewords? For many, Safewords are an important part of BDSM play. Used like traffic Lights they can indicate three levels of caution: Green – Everything’s fine, let’s keep on going. This is a very useful check if the bottom is exploring new play experiences or

Safety in Bondage and BDSM

Safety. It’s really Simple! For a serious couple, and by serious I mean a couple who love and care about each other, Bondage and BDSM can be an exciting and enriching part of their relationship. As a shared experience it involves firmness, physical restraint and

A Guide to Pussy Eating

I don’t usually repost discovered articles, but I made an exemption for this one. It’s a great humorous read. Cunnilingus Men suck at eating pussy! Not because they don’t like it but because it’s really fucking hard. You have to learn it. Giving good head is the key to just about

Megan Fox

A few years ago our lovely Megan Fox started dropping hints in GQ Magazine that she was maybe just a little bit bisexual. A year later, in 2009 she told Pink News “I have no question in my mind about being bisexual. But I’m also a

Chris of England – Artistic Fetish Delight

It’s not often you get a fetish artist who combines good art with good humour but this one’s a must see! Chris of England creates the majority of his atrworks with a strong femdom focus mixed with a a wonderful retro feel – lots of stockings, boobs and

Spanking : Corrective Measures

Yesterday Victoria was remiss in her duties. She carelessly shattered some of my finest crystalware. The Master of the House instructed her to spend the remainder of the day alone in her bedroom, within the servants quarters, and to consider her unacceptable clumsiness.

Measuring For A Cock Ring

Measuring for a cock ring Most cock rings available today measure 45mm or 50mm (1.75 or 2 inches) internal diameter. Cock Rings are always sized by their diameter, so you will need to measure yourself for this. Measuring for a ring is

Spanking A Maid in Waiting

Sarah is waiting for her punishment, she’s has been waiting for over half a hour, considering her errant behaviour. Her crime was one of impertinence, being disrespectful to the Master of the house.

Village in China Discovers Unusual Mushroom

Is this a hitherto undiscovered kind of foodstuff? Do the Chinese have an “April Fool’s” Day? Is it the answer to China’s rapidly increasing population problem? Well, we think it could probably help with the latter.

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