Spank Holiday Weekend

Been naughty this summer? Well, I think it’s time you made amends. And we’ll begin with a good paddling. Or a flogging, perhaps? Have you been that bad? You did what?! Pull down your pants and get over that chair! It’s the cane for you and it’s going to hurt. Of course, there’s much more […]

Naughty Corner by Filthy Boy

Much Naughtier Than Normal Lights out! I don’t want to hear a peep. Turn around and face the wall and that’s an order. Filthy Boy, a London band, are living up to their name with “Naughty Corner” which was

Keep Calm and Carry On Spanking!

Have you visited Keep Calm-O-Matic? If you’ve a minute to spare and a creative mind pop along the their website where you can create your own “Keep Calm” poster based on the rediscovered World War Two poster.


Why Use Safewords? For many, Safewords are an important part of BDSM play. Used like traffic Lights they can indicate three levels of caution: Green – Everything’s fine, let’s keep on going. This is a very useful check if the bottom is exploring new play experiences or

Spanking : Corrective Measures

Yesterday Victoria was remiss in her duties. She carelessly shattered some of my finest crystalware. The Master of the House instructed her to spend the remainder of the day alone in her bedroom, within the servants quarters, and to consider her unacceptable clumsiness.

Spanking A Maid in Waiting

Sarah is waiting for her punishment, she’s has been waiting for over half a hour, considering her errant behaviour. Her crime was one of impertinence, being disrespectful to the Master of the house.