Rope Bondage – Time Lapse Video

The Art of Rigging & Japanese Rope Bondage I love Japanese rope bondage, it’s a real art and riggers are real craftsmen. Sometimes, when you look at a piece of Shibari work, it’s difficult to see where it starts and where it ends. This superb video by John Tisbury and Taner Tatham gives a

Naughty Corner by Filthy Boy

Much Naughtier Than Normal Lights out! I don’t want to hear a peep. Turn around and face the wall and that’s an order. Filthy Boy, a London band, are living up to their name with “Naughty Corner” which was

Gags All Shapes and Sizes : Review & Video

To Muffle your slave Using gags in BDSM scenes is often given a back seat compared to things like restraints, Shibari, wax play etc. However gags come in all sorts of flavours and so we thought it would be useful to have a brief guide to the different

Burlesque Poppy Appeal Collector Upsets RBL

Poppy Appeal collector Jo Freestone had a lot of press coverage a couple of months ago when the British Royal Legion told her not want her to collect for them any more due in her burlesque costume which they deemed as too

50 Shades of Music & Video

Megan Fox

A few years ago our lovely Megan Fox started dropping hints in GQ Magazine that she was maybe just a little bit bisexual. A year later, in 2009 she told Pink News “I have no question in my mind about being bisexual. But I’m also a

Village in China Discovers Unusual Mushroom

Is this a hitherto undiscovered kind of foodstuff? Do the Chinese have an “April Fool’s” Day? Is it the answer to China’s rapidly increasing population problem? Well, we think it could probably help with the latter.